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A: Any amount is available.
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Ricinoleic Chemical Formula: C18H34O3
CAS No.: 141-22-0
Structural Formula: Ricinoleic
Molecular Weight: 298.46
Liquid, soluble in ethanol, acetone, ether, chloroform. Density: 0.940, boiling point: 245℃, melting point: 5.5℃, flash point: 224℃.
Ricinoleic can be used for the preparation of surfactants, plasticizers, lubricant additives, and also for the preparation of sebacic acid, heptanoic acid, etc. Ricinoleic liquid also can be used for sebacic acid and other acids production, also for the polymer manufacturing, textile finishing and contraceptive jelly preparation.
In 25kg or 200kg plastic barrel.